Dance Fitness For Beginners MaDonna Grimes: Urban Street Heat

Dance Fitness For Beginners With MaDonna Grimes: Urban Street Heat

MaDonna Grimes

Natural Journeys

Who knew getting a full-body, cardio workout could be so much fun! Urban Street Heat is more like a dance party than an aerobics class. MaDonna Grimes makes working out fun in this fresh and funky Dance Fitness for Beginners program.

You'll have a great time performing this program, which combines attitude, street style, and easy-to-follow dance steps. the Hip Hop freestyle routines, designed for women and men, are bursting with style and energy. You'll learn some fresh new moves that will really spice up your workout. MaDonna breaks down all the steps, and combines them into one dynamic routine that you can take to the clubs.

Program Features:

  • Sexy, fun moves work the entire body
  • Lose weight, burn fat
  • Aerobics workout boosts energy
  • Hip Hop freestyle routines for women and men

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