Dance Off The Inches: 15 Minute Express

Dance Off The Inches: 15 Minute Express

Lydia Haskell

Take The Work Out Of Your Workouts And Just Dance!

Dance Off The Inches is designed to take the 'work' out of workouts! We've created a unique "Progressive Temp" format that makes dancing off the inches as easy as 1-2-3! You first try the simple dance steps at Tempo 1 and get comfortable. Then you gradually step up the pace to the full, fat-blasting Tempo 3. No matter what your age or fitness level, you can have a great time while dancing your way into great shape!

Welcome to Dance Off The Inches: 15 Minute Express! You'll have no trouble finding time for this dance party - in just 15 minutes you can dance your way to a leaner, sexier body while having a great time!

Dance leader Lydia Haskell and her friends take you through simple, yet motivating choreography. Each and every move is designed to get you moving and get your heart rate up so there's no time wasted in your efforts. And don't worry if you have two left feet - Lydia breaks down each move and keeps things flowing, yet simple.

So are you ready to groove? Do you want to scoot, box step, and shake your hips? This express dance is packed full of fun AND it's super effective, so let's Dance Off The Inches!

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