DanceFit: Sculpt With Lisa Wheeler

DanceFit: Sculpt With Lisa Wheeler

Cal Pozo & Lisa Wheeler

You don't have to be a dancer to look like one!

Award-winning dance and choreographer Cal Pozo designed the DanceFit series to reveal the secrets of professional dancers' sculpted bodies and top-notch conditioning. As a former Broadway dancer and one of America's best known dance and fitness coaches, Pozo has been teaching America to dance for decades. His latest DVD productions include "Dancing with the Stars Cardio Dance DVD", "The Biggest Loser Workout I, II and III" and the "Let's Dance!" book and DVD combo.

In DanceFit Sculpt: Abs and Legs in Minutes
Join dance/fitness expert Lisa Wheeler for two sculpting and strength-building workouts designed to help you get strong, beautiful legs and a flat midsection. Using the basic principles of various dance forms, these short workout sequences target the lower body including the core muscles, thighs and glutes. The upbeat tempo will keep you moving and the flowing movements will have you toned in just a few minutes a day.

DVD Includes:
Full-Length Abs Workout
Full-Length Legs Workout
Rumba Cool-Down

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