Dancing With The Stars: Cardio Dance

Dancing With The Stars: Cardio Dance

Ashly, Kym and Maksim

On ABC's hit show Dancing With The Stars, countless pounds are shed and bodies transform before our very eyes. Now it's your turn to dance your way to fitness with three of the show's favorite pro dancers Ashly, Kym and Maksim. With this fat-blasting program you will learn four choreographed dance routines featuring some of the best moves from the show. Then shake things up with a bonus freestyle routine to test your new dance skills. Have fun and gain confidence on the dance floor while building a stronger, sexier, super-star body!

This classic dancers' warm-up prepares your body for an invigorating dance workout.

Paso Doble
Evoke the powerful image of the Spanish matador as you sculpt your arms and buns to the energizing rhythms of this low-intensity dance routine.

This lively Cuban dance routine gets your feet moving and hips twisting for a medium intensity workout guaranteed to shape your midsection.

This rhythmic Brazilian dance routine fuses energizing hip hop action with all-out fun for a medium-intensity workout sure to shape your hips, legs and waistline.

This upbeat American dance will get your heart rate pumping with the high-intensity combination moves of the Lindy and Swing!

Bonus Challenge
Put your new dance skills to the test and freestyle with the expert trio as they lead an improvisational dance-along!

Cool Down
Lower your heart rate and increase flexibility with the grace and ease of a seasoned dancer.

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