Dancing With The Stars: Latin Cardio Dance

Dancing With The Stars: Latin Cardio Dance

Cheryl and Maksim

Get A Toned Dancer's Body... No Partner Needed!

ABC's Dancing With The Stars continue to dazzle audiences as well as trim waistlines with the power of dance. Join pro dancers Cheryl and Maksim and dance yourself slim with four sizzling and sexy Latin dance routines that feature some of the best fat-burning moves from the show. And because these hot Latin dances share many signature steps, you will find it easier to follow along. You'll also get a specialized toning workout that dancers use to sculpt and lengthen their muscles. So get dancing and get in the best shape of your life!

Warm-Up (5 min.)
Loosen up "dancer style" with dynamic flowing movements that prepare the joints and muscles for a sensational workout.

Merengue (10 min.)
This sultry rhythmic dance from the Dominican Republic trims the hips and abs with its sexy side-to-side action.

Cha-Cha (10 min.)
This Cuban version of the American Jive turns up the burn with a syncopated rhythm that swivels your body to slim your physique.

Samba (10 min.)
Boost your heart rate and blast calories with this sassy Brazilian dance that puts the bounce in your step and the burn in your thighs.

Mambo (10 min.)
The King of all Latin dances, this Cuban classic challenges your body with short, fast rocking steps to sculpt sexy abs and slender legs.

Extra! Dancer's Toning Workout (15 min.)
Improve your strength and flexibility with this customized routine designed to develop and maintain a toned dancer's body.

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