David Carradine's AM & PM Tai Chi Workout For Beginners

David Carradine's AM & PM Tai Chi Workout For Beginners

David Carradine

Let David Carradine show you how to use the amazing powers of Tai Chi to achieve peace of mind

Relaxing the mind is essential to achieving total health, unfortunately, busy and stressful lives causes tension that hinders our ability to unwind and fully relax. David Carradine will show you how to use the proven techniques of TaiChi to totally relax your mind while also getting a satisfying full body workout. This is accomplished by TaiChi movements that rest the mind yet strengthen and work the muscles. Additional exercises will clear the mind, relieve stress and pull the energy of the active mind into the lower abdomen, the body's natural energy source. This thirty minute program will fully prepare you for meaningful relaxation- the key to achieve peace of mind.

Let David Carradine energize your body with the soothing flowing movements of TaiChi. This ancient physical art form uses stretching, deep breathing and invigorating circular motion to gently awaken and loosen your entire body. As your body slowly warms, carefully designed moves will tone and strengthen muscles. You will also clear and relax the mind wile stimulating and increasing your natural body flow. This thirty minute program will enlighten the senses and refresh the spirit. Your entire body will enjoy a complete workout that energizes and refreshes.

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