David Carradine's Chi Energy Workouts For Beginners

David Carradine's Chi Energy Workouts For Beginners

David Carradine

Natural Journeys

Let David Carradine guide you through beginning and basic Chi Kung and Tai Chi exercises that remove tension, stress and pent-up emotions from the mind, while also increasing your flow of energy. You will also gently, tone, stretch and oxygenate the muscles of the body while feeling thoroughly relaxed, rejuvenated and energized. This program includes awe-inspiring nature footage with the beautiful music of John Serrie and was choreographed by doctor of chi kung, Arnold E. Tayam.

Tai Chi has proven to be one of the most powerful, yet gentle ways to rejuvenate the body and maintain and restore health. The Chinese believe that one's heath and vitality is directly influenced by the flow of ones internal energy. This flow of energy can be easily enhanced by combining smooth and circular body movements with mental relaxation and focus. This is the essence of Tai Chi and this program is devoted to the simplicity of that essence.

Chi Kung literally means "energy skill" and was created 5,000 years ago in ancient china as a way to find inner peace, harmony, strength and health. The Chinese believe that the mind, body, emotions and spirit are components of energy or "chi". This chi not only affects are physical health but our mental and spiritual well being, in essence, inner harmony and mental focus are not just achieved by understanding, but also through efficient, simple and gentle exercises.

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